Women’s Business Roundtable

Chair: DeAnne Connolly Graham Avenue Planet

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Women’s Business Roundtable of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce is to promote women’s businesses, women in business, educate, empower, and mentor, while fostering civic responsibility and building membership for the Chamber. Through these activities, the Women’s Business Council and its members will become a highly recognized and empowered group leading to enhanced quality of life and economic growth.


The Women’s Business Council hosts different types of events throughout the year to help empower and promote women’s businesses to advance in the community. Men and women both attend and learn how to market to women, enhance your business skills, or empower groups to enhance quality of life and economic growth. Some of these events include:

The View Series
The View Series is a unique signature event of the Women’s Business Council, which follows the format of the popular television show “The View.” While enjoying elegant breakfast or lunch, attendees have the opportunity to hear and get to know influential women in our community as well as nationwide.

Wine, Cheese & Expertise
This event is an evening filled with wine, cheese and an expertise ranging in topics from “Love is in the Air” to “Victory Through Challenges.”

For more information on the Women’s Business Roundtable, please contact Wendy Unger Schapira, Liaison.