Membership Benefits

The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce offers many opportunities to engage with its members and the community. In order to make your membership work for you, make sure to engage with us through these various channels.

Social Media


We are active on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. We love to share news about our members to our following. Let us share news about your business’ exciting new product or service. Send us behind the scenes footage about what your business does, or even fun ways you celebrate as a team.

Scheduling is programmed 4 weeks in advance.

You can submit your media here.

Complete this form to submit your social media share request.


One inclusion per membership year


We send out our Week-At-A-Glance newsletter once a week to our email database. We feature members through the Member Spotlight section, share upcoming events, and any additional news around the community.

The Member Spotlight section is a great way to share your business story with the Chamber. Who are you? What is you brand all about? What can you share with us so that we can get to know you better?

The Member Spotlight section is a combination of text, media and buttons. Share a video, or image, explain with text what the media is about and redirect your audience to your preferred landing page.

Click Here to be featured in the Member Spotlight section of our newsletter.

Click Here to submit images for the Member Spotlight feature.

Monthly Newsletter

Our Monthly Newsletter gets emailed once a month, at the beginning of the month, to our entire membership. The content we include in our newsletter is any News Release, Hot Deal, or Member Event submitted to us via the Member Portal.

News Releases


Everything that makes your business unique, innovative and outstanding can not be explained in one single conversation, correct? As we get to know new people that we meet, we slowly share little bits of information about ourselves as individuals and about our businesses so as not to bombard the receiver with too much information.

Submitting news releases about your business is a great way for our membership to understand the intricacies of your business through short articles of specific information. Member News Releases are displayed to the public in the Member News section of our website.

Share a story about how you saved someone’s life or business by their use of your product or service. Give us some background history about business obstacles that you’ve overcome to get to where you are today. Share business tips that you have personally implemented and experienced success with. Do you have a new product or service you are launching?

Your News Releases can be uploaded and shared through the Chamber’s Member Portal. once you are logged in, the News Release button can be found on the left hand side of the main dashboard. Once you are in the News Release section, find the blue button on the top right “Add News Release”. Here you’ll be able to include a catchy title for your new story, enter release/remove dates, add images and include contact information regarding the specific information you’ve just provided.

News releases are shared on our Monthly Newsletter.

Miami Beach Community Newspaper

Limited to two annually per General Membership / Limited to four annually per Pillar Membership

The Miami Beach Community Newspaper is a powerful platform where businesses can connect and communicate with the local Miami Beach community. The newsletter has a broad online readership, allowing businesses to reach a large local audience instantly. This reach is particularly beneficial for businesses targeting specific geographical areas, but also provides a space branding and awareness campaign opportunities.

Click here to submit your news story (Word Document) and corresponding images.

Member Events


Are you celebrating a new location with a Ribbon Cutting or launch party? Or maybe you are hosting a special entertainer at your hotel or restaurant and want some added exposure?

Members can upload the details of their company events through the Chamber’s Member Portal. The Events button is located at the top of the main dashboard. Once you’ve clicked on the “Events” button, find the blue button “Add Event” to start submitting the details of your company’s event.

Events submitted by our members are displayed on our website’s event calendar and share in the Monthly Newsletter.

Host an event for the Chamber

Hosting an event for your fellow Chamber members is a great way to bring exposure to your business. We partner with our members to create opportunities for events like networkers, workshops, private dining events, and council meetings. If you are interested in partnering with the Chamber to host an event, fill out this form with some additional information.

Hot Deals


Engage with your fellow members or the community by offering discounted deals and special promotions to bring added exposure to your products or services. New menu item? Special menu pricing for happy hour? Entice potential referral partners by offering a special price on your products or services so that they can experience it for themselves.

You can choose to offer unlimited deals specifically to members or make them available to the public. Member-to-Member Hot Deals will be displayed via the Member Portal. Hot Deals shared to the community will be displayed on the Chamber’s Website.

Hot Deals are also shared in our Monthly Newsletter.

Upload your Hot Deal through the member Portal, but also submit your images here.

*Social posts are unlimited on a first come, first serve basis. Our intent is to keep our channels as engaging as possible by offering a variety of content to our followers. Submissions will be approved depending on the content and requested release date.
**News releases are meant to provide informative and engaging information to our followers. Any news releases that resemble spam, will not be approved.
***Member events should be uploaded for specific dates and time within short time frames. Events that recur at the same time, every day, throughout the year, are not encouraged.