Better Beach Citizen Award

This nominee should demonstrate outstanding accomplishment in terms of giving back to our community, city, and those around them. It can be an individual or group that has devoted time, resources and effort, not only to their Real Estate related business but has endeavored and succeeded to make the community a better place.



  • Real Estate Broker – TBA
  • Real Estate Developer – TBA
  • Citizen at Large – TBA


  • Real Estate Broker – Michael DeFilippi
  • Real Estate Developer – Russell Galbut & Family
  • Citizen at Large – Luiz Rodrigues


  • Real Estate Broker – Daniel Veitia
  • Real Estate Developer – Scott Robins
  • Citizen at Large – Ray Breslin


  • Real Estate Broker – Lyle Stern
  • Real Estate Agent – Debi Quade
  • Citizen at Large – George Lindemann Jr.