Resiliency + Sustainability Task Force

Co-Chair: Reinaldo Borges, Borges Architects + Associates

Mission Statement:

The Task Force will focus on enhancing dialog between city government, Miami Beach citizens and Chamber leadership on the topic of sustainability and resiliency. Through education, risk analysis, economic considerations, insurance risks, consideration of new technologies and local contexts, the committee seeks solutions with the objective of framing a well-balanced process that is ongoing and will continue to address challenges to the Coastal Community of Miami Beach and its government, citizens and to the business community. The task force will formulate a more consistent platform for dialog on the important topics related to sustainability and resiliency and follow the 100 Resilient Cities Rockefeller Foundation initiative, as it explores the following four dimensions to sustainability and resilience: Health & Wellbeing; Economy & Society; Infrastructure & Environment; and Leadership & Strategy.

For more information on the Resiliency + Sustainability Task Force, please contact Taj Samoodi, Task Force Liaison.