Speakers Bureau

The objective of this Speakers Bureau page is to facilitate the process for our members to connect and partner with experts and knowledgeable professionals in various fields willing to actively participate in speaking engagements.

The Bureau enables speakers to showcase their skills while providing members with easy accessibility. Members will be able to click on a particular industry and view the biographies of the professionals willing to speak on matters pertaining to that industry and then immediately connect with them. This decreases the workload of having to research experts in a particular field, look for contact information and then inquire if they are willing to speak about the topic.

This tool can be a useful guide and alleviate a lot of extra work, therefore, the Chamber welcomes its members to use it.

Please note: The Chamber staff does not guarantee the speakers knowledge or expertise of the subject matter and the speakers do not represent any expressed opinions of the Chamber. As with all collaborations and programs, the Chamber recommends that the participants involved conduct their due diligence on the subject matter and the speakers.

If you have an interest in being listed as a speaker, please click the button below to fill out a form with your subject matter information. The Chamber will contact you with the next steps.