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Once nomination forms are received, please submit the following information to be considered for the award.

1. A 500 word or less narrative describing why the nominee should be considered for the award.

2. Biography and photo of individual or group being nominated.

3. If applicable, include the address of the property as well as pictures, drawings, plans, brochures or other documents.

A Chamber member will follow up with each nominee or their representative to ensure
the application is complete.

Deadline for submitting entries:

Tuesday, February 1st, 2016

Contact for questions: Danny Diaz at (305) 674-1300 or
danny@miamibeachchamber.com Fax: (305) 538-4336
Thank you for your time in completing this application.

4th Annual City National Bank Better Beach Award Descriptions

1. Recognitions

This year a committee will select an individual and/or business who has demonstrated excellence in two areas.

  • Green: This award recipient will have shown excellence in creating a residence, building,
    community or system that was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance,
    across all metrics, that follow the latest “green” standards towards sustainability.
  • Sea Level Rise: The committee will recognize an individual or group that has shown committment to
    resiliency on Miami Beach.
  • Special Tribute(s): The committee will recognize an individual or individuals that have shown
    excellence in the real estate community.

Please note we will not accept nominations for these two recognitions.
Recipients will be selected by a committee.

2. Historic Preservation Awards

The nominee has demonstrated extraordinary preservation and conservatory actions were taken to protect
property, objects, landscapes or other artifacts of historical significance to their completed project, while
maintaining the same use. The nominee must be the architect or general contractor. Owner, Developer or other
affiliates of the project will also be credited.
  • Preservation of a Historic Residential Property (Single Family / Condo)
  • Preservation of a Historic Commercial Property

3. Historic Preservation With Adaptive Re-use Of Building Award

The nominee has demonstrated a commitment to keeping the distinctive style of Miami Beach architecture and design while bringing a historical Miami beach building site to the modern world. By means of adaptive re-use of original building use, the completed project was able to maintain the identity of a historic site and respect proper adaptive re-use strategies and meet approval of Historic Preservation Board and obtain certificate of occupancy for the new adaptive use. The nominee must be the architect or general contractor for a residental or commercial property. Owner, Developer or other affiliates of the project will be credited.

4. Innovative Architecture Award

The nominee has demonstrated a unique and unusual twist to the design. The property should show innovative architectural solutions, while creating striking and functional spaces. The building shall be an outstanding example of functionality, and design in the field of Architecture and take advantage of site and context. The project does not need to be completed, but must have approval from all city boards. The nominee can be the architect or designer. Owner, Developer or other affiliates of the project will be credited.
  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property

5. Innovative Designer Award

The nominee has demonstrated exceptional creativity towards a completed project in Miami Beach either residential or commercial. The Design should be an exemplar vision of innovation and forward-thinking unique to Miami Beach’s identity. Nominee shall be Designer. Owner, Developer or other affiliates of the project will be credited.
  • Property less than 10,000 square feet
  • Property greater than 10,000 square feet

6. Better Beach Citizen Award

The nominee has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in terms of giving back to our community, city, and those around them. It can be an individual that has devoted time, resources and effort, and has endeavored and succeeded to make the Miami Beach community a better place.
  • Real Estate Professional (Open to all real estate professionals/industry members who practice in Miami Beach)

7. Most Innovative Method Of Marketing Awards

The nominee has proven to successfully break down barriers to how we think of marketing in the Real Estate field. They have taken a new approach to marketing and are leading the field by example. The more “out of the box” the better. They should have a tangible metric for showing the voting committee that their marketing approach is not only innovative, but works.
  • Real Estate Agent or Licensed Professional
  • Real Estate Team

8. Rising Stars

Within the first 24 months of their industry career, the nominee has hit the ground running and has taken the initiative to immerse themselves into the Real Estate industry and go above and beyond the minimum requirements and excel amongst their peers. The nominee has demonstrated expanding knowledge in the technological, marketing and professional education arenas. The top five "Rising Stars" will be honored at the 2016 CNB Better Beach Awards luncheon. These 5 will compete over the course of the year, after which a finalist will be awarded based on their activities during this time at the 2017 Awards luncheon.
  • Accepting the first 5 nominees per real estate firm located on the Beach. Submissions will only be accepted by real estate agencies.
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Chamber Experiences
In 2006 I created the Sicilian Film Festival, a non profit corporation dedicated to cinema and culture. It has not been easy to grow up this creature for 6 years. I joined the MBCC only in 2011 and suddenly I discovered a great group of people and a kind of "family" where to share needs and experiences and where to brainstorm with interesting people and entrepreneurs of all kinds several times a week with great results. I should have joined the MBCC before!
Emanuele Viscuso, Sicilian Film Festival
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